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Introducing Maker Monday Motivation!


We could all use a little extra motivation don't you think!

As creative small business owners, many of us work by ourselves out of a home or studio, which means we do all the goal setting, planning, and motivating on our own. 

In my own business, I've always used Monday's to set my intention for the week. I try to jumpstart my productivity by setting a weekly challenge for myself that I plan to accomplish before the week is done. It's been really impactful for me and so now I want to share this with you! 

Maker Monday Motivation is a Maker Megaphone Coaching series created to inspire and empower creative entrepreneurs to approach each week with intention and purpose. You can see the weekly Monday Motivation by visiting the Makers Megaphone Coaching blog, or get the weekly email in your inbox by signing up HERE

We're in this together!

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